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What is Mind & Life Coaching?

Did you ever wonder why significant aspects of life such as self-expression, self-value, self-love, self-acceptance, inner freedom, connection with others, relationships, wholesomeness and wellness, prosperity, abundance, balance, inner peace, happiness and many more are not taught to us at any educational institutions?

How is one to learn about them and the existence of any Laws, Tools, and Techniques to understand them better or with less pain and suffering?

There are many books, articles, and stories written about these subjects, yet, who do you ask the question that is burning in your mind about YOU and any or all of those areas in life that are imperative to you RIGHT THIS MOMENT? What is the best approach, the right answer, the productive choice, the clear picture? Who could provide guidance coming from the space of non-judgment, acceptance, understanding, neutrality, empowerment and love? Would anyone care about YOU, wanting to help you overcome obstacles in your life because they LOVE helping people?

For some lucky people this person is a parent, sibling or a spouse, maybe a friend. However even the most wonderful and loving person who knows you well, keeping at heart all the best intentions, oftentimes is unable to let go of preconceived notions, judgments, personal attachments and allow complete neutrality into the guidance. And let’s admit, we listen better to those who are not as close to us. That’s just how we are wired…

Life Coaching is not always the answer either…well, not any Life Coaching. Oksana Gritsenko has developed an approach that is beyond typical Life Coaching: she incorporates working with the mind in its conscious and sub-conscious levels, as well as with clients’ beliefs and vibrations, yet it is very practical in nature and provides tangible results. The answers are usually right in front of our eyes, we just refuse to see them until someone who is more observant and neutral points them out to us. Suddenly, a shift in consciousness occurs and we see the world or a particular situation in a completely different light!

But why use it, who would benefit from it, why would an average person ever decide to spend the time, money and effort to even reach out to a Mind & Life Coach, you ask?

Well, the benefits are countless!

Can you imagine having a productive one or two-hour conversation that suddenly showed you how your current belief in one aspect was holding you back from progressing or succeeding in another? For example, imagine a woman hesitating to spend much money on her wardrobe and struggling to find a romantic partner she desires. Is there a connection? Absolutely! The scarcity consciousness based on her belief of low self-value manifests in sub-conscious behavior of not wanting to spend money on the self AND also repelling any relationships for the same reason. Miracles happen when working on one aspect of one’s life and healing it, then suddenly many others shift in a positive and productive direction, and a person’s life can transform completely!

Please read these testimonials on the work that Oksana has done as a Mind & Life Coach to see what affect coaching can have on lives of others.

Can Mind & Life Coaching be used for anything? Absolutely! Here are a few areas and examples that might resonate with you.

Love & Relationships

This area is of enormous importance in everybody’s life. Whether we are talking about romantic relationships and love, family interactions, work or friends related associations, or connection with the outside world, would be included this category. A Mind & Life Coach can help you understand how you might be sabotaging your relationships with others, why some connections don’t work, how to have a shift in mentality so nobody ever “bothers” you again, how to solve conflicts by understanding how they arise, and show the way to make decisions that are hard to make. See the self from a neutral accepting, non-judgmental point and recognize what is stopping you from attaining personal happiness.

Health & Wellness

Mind & Life Coaching focuses on… well, mind and life, when it comes to health and wellness. Before any disease manifests in the physical form, it starts in much more subtle forms of beliefs and desires. When we believe in something that is not productive for us, when it goes against our inner harmony and peace, such beliefs create blockages in energy. The stronger and longer we maintain a given belief that does not serve us the more it will manifest in the physical form as some ailment or dysfunction. Healing the body is very important, however, unless the real cause - the beliefs and attitudes are not changed, two important aspects are going to arise. One, the disease might be very hard to conquer, regardless of the amount of diets, exercising, and medical help. Two, even when one is able to relieve the symptoms for some period of time, without fundamental changes in the beliefs and attitudes, they will come back.

There are many scientific discoveries made recently in understanding the connection between thought (mind) and body. Whether an individual is aware of a thought, belief or attitude (conscious mind) or not quite aware, it is there in the sub-conscious mind making it possible to discover which thoughts are creating blockages in one’s flow of energy that restrict wholeness.

While the analysis of any disease is beneficial, any chronic ones are extremely valuable information carriers.

A Mind & Life Coach helps in understanding the underlying reasons, and true causes for one’s dis-ease and lack of wholeness. Each individual case suggests the ways to cause a shift in consciousness and release unwanted and unproductive beliefs and attitudes.

It is recommended that for any health related aspects clients also work with medical doctors and holistic health practitioners to address the symptomatic body aspects. Working on both would produce greater success and prevent the ailment from reoccurring, thus granting permanent healing.

Career & Success

Do you think the way you see yourself, and therefore project to the world, affects how easily you move through your career and how successful, accomplished and happy you are in your professional endeavors? Absolutely! To be successful is to feel wholesome, happy and in harmony. There is a physical aspect to financial freedom, doing something you love, but much of it is not as tangible although extremely important. Many people feel stuck in a job they hate, unable to utilize their creative abilities, feeling that they might never be able to do what they love or achieve success. Millions feel stressed waking up in the morning and realizing they have to go to work and face projects, schedules, people, and environments they simply dislike. They feel trapped. They worry. This creates anxiety, insomnia, depression, heart attacks and many other disorders - all the while, life can be truly joyful in all aspects, including career.

A Mind & Life Coach will work with you on identifying blockages and beliefs that are creating worries, concerns and lack of harmony, and guide you through the process of releasing them and replacing outworn and unproductive attitudes with healthy new ones.

Abundance & Wealth

Abundance, wealth and prosperity affect our lives in many ways- this is not just about attaining financial freedom. The consciousness of abundance allows us to have anything we desire in life, attracting a perfect life partner, dream job, unbelievable deal for travel, wonderful friend, exceptional health, or everlasting satisfaction with everyday life regardless of any temporary physical circumstances.

A Mind & Life Coach will help you see where you might be blocking your own abundance and not accepting all life has to offer, and help you release those blockages and create a life you desire.

Self-Worth, Self-Love

This might be the most common, most significant area that hinders one’s harmony and happiness in life. Lack of self-respect, self-worth and self-love often is masked by self-sabotage, scarcity consciousness (focusing on lacking rather than having), anger, inability to have lasting meaningful relationships, romantic or otherwise, and many more. Understanding how this affects your life can lead to tremendous healing, and result in turning a corner in your life – a life that will never be the same!

A Mind & Life Coach will help you see how this important core aspect might be manifesting in your life and guide you in healing it to attain a joyful, happy existence.

Harmony & Peace

Some people seem to have everything: good health, a nice job, steady income, loving family and friends, yet there is no inner harmony and peace. The mind is rushing through worries or simply not settled in the beauty of the present moment.

It is not uncommon for people not to be aware or to understand the cause of this feeling and fail to figure out how to attain that blissful feeling of peace and harmony.

A Mind & Life Coach will work with you, focusing on the desired outcome, and providing you with necessary tools to achieve it while letting go of what is holding you back.

Life's Purpose

Is there anyone who can help us out figure the famous question that each individual has asked of themselves at least once in their lifetime - why am I here and what is my life’s purpose?

Being clear on why you are here can open your mind to a completely new outlook on - and new understandings of – the life you live in general. Life’s purpose might be the most fundamental and important aspect one is recommended to figure out, yet probably the least addressed, in your everyday commotion.

A Mind & Life Coach will guide you through the process of understanding your individual life purpose. While it is a non-prescriptive and delicate matter of self-discovery, the Coach can guide you through the process and help you see the picture clearly based on the resonance of what you believe in and what you desire.

No matter what area in life you want to address, what question you have, what you are struggling with, everything can be resolved if you allow the help to come to you.


Mind & Life Coaching is quite different from Counseling. While Counseling focuses on the past and finding out the initial cause of an issue, Mind & Life Coaching focuses on the present and future and helps an individual to work with the current state and aligning beliefs to the desires to attain the future they want. It’s not meant to be an ongoing long term project like counseling sessions, and is typically focused on a particular aspect of one’s life. The client has to do some homework to attain desired results and can utilize what they learned in other areas of their lives. The idea behind coaching is not to create dependency but to EDUCATE people about themselves, their potential and abilities, and help them believe they can create the life they desire and be independent in the process. A Mind & Life Coach is a gentle guide who helps by pointing you in the right direction and focusing attention of the client on productive use of their energy, whether mental, emotional or physical.

Depending on intention for the session and how many various aspects an individual wishes to address, a varying number of sessions could be beneficial. A client is always in charge of deciding how many sessions he or she wants to have. The Mind& Life Coach might suggest addressing various topics in different sessions or focusing on the most important one if only one session is chosen. In some instances clients find the first session addressing one aspect of their life so beneficial they decide to continue with sessions and address other areas as well. Usually all areas of our lives are inter-connected. For example a fear of change would most likely affect one in areas of career, personal relationships, whether romantic, family, friends or overall social encounters, as well as aspects of health. Meanwhile if one has understood the abundance consciousness from the example of career or prosperity, it is most likely that the change will produce positive effects on relationships, health and life overall.

While the Coach might suggest focusing on one topic at a time, what topic is the most important and where to start is always the client’s freedom to choose.

While there are many wonderful examples of how self-help books, workshops or other materials have helped many people, oftentimes what we are missing while looking at ourselves is the whole and neutral picture. An observer who has no judgment or pre-conceived notions about us, who is open to accepting us the way we are with the biggest and most important desire to help us be happy and live a harmonious and joyful life, will see what we are not able to see in ourselves. That is the reason why within the first short one hour session with a Mind & Life Coach, many experience major AHA! moments, realizations they have been blind to before, and shifts they have been struggling with for years. A Coach is like a guide helping you see what might be too close and personal to see for yourself. Your coach is someone who gently nudges you in the direction of realizing beliefs that are not serving us, connections between aspects and areas we didn’t see before and helping us in each individual situation with many tools and techniques that would be the most appropriate for each particular case, rather than applying some generic way of overcoming a challenge. It’s just a faster, simpler and more objective way to achieve desired results.

Anyone can benefit from Mind & Life Coaching. In cases of mental disorders and serious health issues it is always recommended to reach out to Mental and Physical Health Practitioners first to obtain necessary immediate help.

Absolutely! One can always tap into many ways of realizing your potential.

Depending on each individual case, various tools, methods and techniques are used. All of them would be working with the client’s consciousness and sub-consciousness.

The effectiveness of Mind & Life Coaching is quite incredible. In some cases individuals are struggling with certain issues for months or even years, losing health, peace of mind, balance and joy in their lives. Productive sessions can help any individual with an open mind and desire to change attain incredible results during the sessions. Oftentimes a single session can be sufficient if the challenge, obstacle or issue is focused upon in a particular targeted area. In other cases, 2 or more sessions might produce those results. In any case, it is always at the discretion of the client to continue with sessions or stop at any time. One must remember that the Coach serves as a guide while there is still work that needs to be done by the client to obtain desired results. Dedication, discipline and a strong desire to better one’s life are the keys to SUCCESS.

Read the testimonials from people who received our services.

In our approach the sessions can be conducted in person as well as over the phone. Either method is very effective. There is no need to meet in person with the Coach to have a productive session and reach desired outcomes.

After a session, or number of sessions, have been purchased, we will contact you to schedule the first session based on a time best suited for you. We will also provide simple guidance to prepare for that session. Then, at the scheduled time, the Coach will call you to conduct a 50 minute - 1 hour session covering the intention at hand. In many instances certain exercises would be recommended depending on the situation. Some might involve an email or short follow up phone call to ensure the client is doing well after the session. In any case, the client always decides what works best for them.

All you need is to know what you want to address during the session, bring an open mind and desire to change in order for the sessions to produce the best outcomes.