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"Know your True Self"- weekly class.

NEW classes will be starting:
Thursday and Wednesday nights 7:00-9:30pm in May 2018

Wednesday night classes with Lisa Seyring 7:00-9:30pm starting May (TBD), 2018
Thursday classes with Oksana Gritsenko starting end of May, 2018 Learn more...
NEW class starting in May 2018 1040 S Milwaukee Ave Ste 130, Wheeling, IL (app. Milwaukee Ave & Hintz Rd) Enroll here or call (847)924-5708

Solful Gifts Open House- Shop without appointment for Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, Feng Shui items and other gifts.
We pick crystals and gemstones based on your astrology and vibrations. Great variety of sterling silver set gemstones including very rare ones. Crystals for office and household. Bracelets, pendant, gorgeous necklaces, rings, earrings and much more for all budgets, men, women and children. Give gifts that matter and will be cherished and loved.

Every Saturday (with some exceptions) 11:00AM-2:00 PM. Solful Gifts 1040 S. Milwaukee Ave. Ste 130 Wheeling IL FREE

"Solful Sunday: Mysterious World of Dreams"

FEATURING: Mysterious World of Dreams. Join us for a talk and discussion about an amazing dream world, the importance of our dreams, and how the world's history and science were affected by dreams. Learn why it is so important to understand your dreams.

Learn about famous sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce and what incredible things this man was capable of doing with dreams. Find out about our upcoming workshop on dream interpretation and hear some fascinating stories about dreams.

We offer a loving space for our spiritual community and everyone who desires to join us for a relaxing and pleasant time. Have some tea, meet new friends, share your light, be among like-minded people, learn something new, connect and share joyful moments.

Presentation will start at 1:30PM
May 20, Sunday 1:00PM-4:00PM. Presentation will start at 1:30PM 1040 S Milwaukee Ave Ste 130, Wheeling, IL (app. Milwaukee Ave & Hintz Rd) FREE. It's potluck. Please bring tea or healthy snacks to share

"Mediumship Class".

If you’re already someone who is sensitive to the emotions, moods and energy of those around you, you’re sensitive to Spirit. Since, we’re all Spirits within human bodies developing mediumship, is simply a matter of applying your already sensory skills to the Spiritual Realm. Sandy Turkington, a medium, who has studied all over the world, can teach you this with practice, exercises and discipline in a totally safe environment. Join us to see there is no death and that our loved ones are still here.

Follow up Practice Classes will be available monthly at $25 per class. Must take original class to participate in the practice classes.
June 29, Friday 6:00- 9:00pm 1040 S Milwaukee Ave Ste 130, Wheeling, IL (app. Milwaukee Ave & Hintz Rd) $75 Enroll here

Solful Astrology: Planets aspects. Part 1

This workshop is part of the Solful Astrology Series with Intuitive Astrologer Lucy Gritsenko.
Friday, May 4, 7:00 pm-9:00pm 1040 South Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling IL
$20 if purchased online . $30 at the door

Dreams and Their Meaning. Two part wokshop

Did you ever wonder if all your dreams mean something? There is a way to understand the messages your subconscious is delivering to you through your dreams. When you understand those messages and learn to decipher them, you will understand your own Self much deeper.
Join Oksana Gritsenko sharing with you the importance of understanding your dreams, learning to remember them and most importantly to understand their meaning. This workshop is presented very rarely, so don't miss this opportunity!.
There are 2 classes including practicing in the group and hands-on learning to interpret your own dreams. Price is for both classes.
Virtual participation is available. Details for virtual participation will be emailed to you 20 minutes prior to the workshop. Please email ([email protected]) or text us (847-924-5708) if you plan to participate virtually.
Friday May 25 7pm-9:30pm and Sunday June 3 10:00am-2:30 pm Solful Gifts 1040 S. Milwaukee Ave. Ste 130 Wheeling $85 (2 classes) ($105 at the door) Register here
Stay tuned for details and updates! (connect to us on facebook)

Our Services

We have not one body, but eight! We have a mind, but our mind is not just our brain as we have been taught to believe! We have consciousness, sub-consciousness, and even super-consciousness. We have an energy system, an energy flow, and energy centers called chakras, each with a unique combination of male and female energy, vibrations and so on. We also have Dharma (the gifts we have to offer others, our Duty in this World) and Karmic aspects. We have memory that is beyond the brain storage capacity in this lifetime, but it spans through all experiences of previous lives. We have a numerological and astrological construct which affect us, each one in its own unique way. And much more…

In a nutshell, WE ARE VERY COMPLEX!.

So, how can you understand all that? - all your potential, all your skills, Life Purpose, Dreams & Desires? How can you see all your limitations and blockages, whether karmic or created in this life-time and say: “This is WHO I am and this is WHAT I will be doing with my life!” It’s not easy, especially considering that nobody teaches these concepts at school when we grow up. Besides, it’s hard to see the self neutrally, non-judgmentally and objectively.

This is the reason to get guidance and coaching from those who have figured out that their purpose in life is to help others become whole-functioning and happy!

Mind & Life Coaching

Embrace the Art of Joyful Living!

Do you ever feel like there is more to You, to Your potential, to life, something greater of which you are not aware? Do you suspect that something might be missing – in the areas of love and relationships, career, prosperity or personal fulfillment? Do you feel like you could use some help and support but are not certain where to find it?

Mind & Life Coaching is a powerful tool serving the purpose of overcoming various personal obstacles – fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs toward the goal of wholesomeness, self-love, self-realization and happiness. Our Mind & Life Coach, Oksana Gritsenko works with the client’s belief system, conscious and sub-conscious aspects of mind, Universal Laws, emotional and vibrational facets, and provides guidance with attaining clarity and fulfillment of the client’s desires. The uniqueness of this approach lies in its integrative nature: a variety of techniques are utilized and the individual client’s gifts and talents are considered and explored to help him or her learn self-love and self-worth, identify and let go of emotional baggage and outdated perceptions, thus attracting prosperity, abundance, love and wellness in life. Open up to harmonious relationships with others, overcome fears, learn to honor, respect and accept the self, and achieve and maintain a balanced, purposeful, happy life.

We focus on YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS!


Call, text (847)924-5708 or email us ([email protected]) anytime to find out if you are qualified for a FREE Strategy Session and receive suggestions for the next steps.

NEW! Ajna Light Sessions

Meditative and Relaxing effect within minutes!

We are very excited to be offering Ajna Light sessions. Solful Gifts is the ONLY facility in Illinois offering this amazing service that is growing popularity around the world, with thousands of people reporting amazing results and falling in love with Ajna Light!
Ajna is a Sanskrit name of the 6th Chakra, a.k.a Third Eye. The Ajna Light device was developed by Guy Harriman, who is now a practicing Thai Buddhist Monk. Guy used to work directly with Steve Jobs in the past and has in depth knowledge of informational technology field.
Ajna Light device creates a meditative and relaxing effect, a trance state affecting brainwave patterns through LED lights flickering at certain rate and intensity, stimulating the pineal gland. It is a powerful way to achieve a very relaxing state within just a few minutes that otherwise takes many years and hours practicing deep meditation. Whether on its own or in combination with Crystal Therapy, Mind Coaching, Essential Oils or Reiki Sessions, also offered at our Solful Gifts location, Ajna can be a very powerful addition to your life, serving in similar ways as deep ongoing meditations. Thousands of people around the world have been providing amazing testimonials regarding wonderful effects of this amazing device.

You can purchase a session or learn about our value packages to have lasting results and save up to 40%!
Call us @ (847)924-5708 and ask about these packages and what is the best fit for you.

Meditative Bliss Package: (Best value)

Has your mind forgotten it has an “off” switch? If waking up in the middle of the night, having hard time relaxing, even during yoga or meditative session, describes how you usually feel, this is a perfect package for you! Experience deep mind relaxation within minutes. A kind of relaxation that is only attainable during very deep meditation after years and hours of daily practice. Allow yourself to relax your mind, calm the activity of your thoughts and find that peaceful center of being for which you are yearning. Imagine what it would feel like to experience meditative bliss!

Total of 12 sessions over 3 months
Week one and two: 15 minutes each
Week three and four: 25 minutes each
Week five-eight: 45 minutes each
Week nine-twelve: 60 minutes each
Bonus: Free 15 minutes Ajna Light for a Friend

Stress release, Relaxation & Positivity Package:

Do you often experience anxiety and insomnia, feeling overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life? Is it hard for you to stay positive with what is happening in your life and around you? No matter what season of life you are in, this package provides a gentle way to relax the mind, calm the body and help tuning into more positive mind set. Allow yourself to experience a deep relaxation within minutes when you don’t have hours a day to take care of yourself. Imagine your life from a calmer, relaxed and more positive state of mind...
Total of 10 sessions over 10 weeks
Week one and two: 10 minutes each
Week three and four: 25 minutes each
Week five-seven: 35 minutes each
Week eight-ten: 50 minutes each

Productivity, Focus and Concentration Package:

Is it difficult for you to focus and concentrate? Does your mind jump from one thing to another? Perhaps it is hard for you to stay focused on a task or remember things… Life can be challenging at times but you don’t have to suffer. Give yourself a gift of a clear and productive mind, sharper focus and deeper concentration. Experience a more successful life!
Total of 9 sessions over 9 weeks
Includes: Week one: 10 minutes each
Week two and three: 20 minutes each
Week four-seven: 30 minutes each
Week eight-nine: 45 minutes each

Third Eye Awakening Package (for experienced meditators only):

Are you looking to deepen your meditative experience and enhance your spiritual journey with more colorful intuitive experiences? Experience more profound connection with your subconscious and superconscious mind while activating your pineal gland with the Third Eye Awakening package. Lucid dreaming, visions, deep meditative states, and outer body experiences await you!
Total of 11 sessions over 3 months
Week one: 15 minutes Week two and three: 30 minutes each
Week four-seven: 45 minutes each
Week eight-eleven: 60 minutes each
Bonus: Free 15 minutes Ajna Light for a Friend

Call or text (847)924-5708 to schedule your private session


Workshops & Classes

"KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF" - Consciousness-Expanding Weekly Classes

Do you know who YOU truly are? Are you aware of ALL Your Potential? Do you know the True meaning of Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Acceptance, Self-Value, Self-Realization? Are you Healthy, Wholesome, Peaceful, Happy?

We offer a unique program that is focused on YOU, the Discovery of who YOU Really ARE!

This practical, applicable in everyday life program is centering on step-by-step understanding and realization of the Self. We cover various aspects including working with the MIND (conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious, ego), ENERGY (the vibratory construct of Self), EMOTIONS (the hidden language), BODY (wholesomeness and lasting healing), INTUITION (hidden abilities everyone possesses but not many are aware of), SOUL and SPIRIT (life-long journeys and life’s purpose) and much more. Rather than concentrating on a modality, we focus on YOU and what is important for your everyday life: Your Inner State of Mind, Your Health, Your Relationships, Your Career, Your Wealth, Your Life’s Purpose.

You will learn to listen to your thoughts, your body and your energy, understand who You are, discover the limitless power within you and start manifesting the life you desire; accept and love Your Self, self-heal and lead a wholesome healthy life-style; discover and enhance your intuitive abilities; learn the language and meaning of synchronicities and other events in your life; understand your strengths, gifts and opportunities for growth; learn concentration, visualization, discipline and organization, meditation techniques and ability to be in the present moment; harmonize with the world around you including people and situations; Learn to “read and hear” people beyond the physical; understand how the Universe evolves and how to get in its flow; open up your hearts and minds to a great life ahead; and simply be Happy!

This wonderful flexible program allows you to learn based on your own choices, decisions and at your own speed within warm and loving environment of like-minded people.

Our certified and experienced staff is thrilled and honored to offer you all they have learned. Our purpose is to help thousands of people to become Wholesome, Self-Realized and Happy.

This is a 25 week program: 5 Segments of 5 Classes each. The Segments are: Self-Love (we are talking about unconditional Love here), Self-Acceptance, Self-Value, Self-Respect and Self-Realization. Each class is focusing on a different aspect and provides practical, hands-on tools, techniques, and exercises that help you in understanding and embracing the self, just like building blocks, little by little, until you have discovered the New You!

The program was designed to be in-depth and help in developing new skills, discipline and shifts in beliefs and thinking, uncovering and removing unconscious/sub-conscious blockages, and replacing them with new thought-patterns that are serving one's life.

The intent of the program is to help individuals to re-discover the True Selves, start treating the Selves with unconditional Love and Respect, from the point of deep Self-Value and Acceptance; realize what the inner urge, passion and desires are, and focus on Self-Realization, connecting physical and spiritual aspects of it with a clearly defined plan of action that graduates have by the time of completing the program. You will be equipped with all the necessary tools, techniques and understandings to make your life what you desire it to be.
This program requires your commitment to YourSelf, discipline, open mind and desire to change. If you have all that- sky is a limit!
It is highly recommended to take the following two classes/workshops as well, whenever the are offered, to have a more profound effect of this study: "Dreams and Their Meaning" Workshop.

Embrace the Art of Joyful Living with us!

Find out more about the dates for classes


"SOLFUL ASTROLOGY"- Workshops series

Join us for any workshop from the Solful Astrology Series with Intuitive Astrologer Lucy Gritsenko. At each session Lucy focuses on different Planets and their significance to an individual, helping us learn more about our Selves.
Lucy's approach to astrology is unique and well received by people. She uses more than just her knowledge and deep understanding of astrology but also some metaphysical concepts and intuition. Each workshop is focusing on a particular aspect and planet or asteroid, all are presented in a very light, educational way using a very well understood language. Even if you know nothing about astrology, these workshops will be easy to follow and a great start to learn more about the subject.
Lucy shares the stories and myths behind each planet or asteroid, making the symbolism stand out even more.
You can purchase any of the classes in a video format and enjoy studying at your own pace.
No prior knowledge of astrology is required for any of the workshops.

Find out more about the dates



This 5-hour workshop will help you understand the importance of your dreams, the types of dreams you can have, how initiate and even control your dreams, and learn a unique way to interpret your dreams. In Part 1 of the workshop we will be covering how to remember your dreams, understanding the importance of dreams and what they can reveal about your day-to-day life, what types of dreams exist and how to recognize them, understanding the symbols, interpretation approach & techniques (based on Carl Jung's and Edgar Casey's approaches). Part 2 is all about Practice! Bring notes about your own dreams and we will interpret them together based on what we have learned in Part 1. In this part we will also be learning to have Lucid dreams and Healing dreams.

"You Are Intuitive! A Practical Course to Discover and Develop Your Intuitive Abilities"- 7-week Program

Please note that the order of classes will vary and will have no effect on the participants. Any of these classes can be taken separately as each class is designed independently from others. However, to get a full spectrum of the experience, as well as save money, we recommend you to take advantage of the entire program!
See the schedule above for details and upcoming dates.

Class 1. Beyond the Physical Realm: Intuitive Channels, Energy System, Chakras, Psychometry, Astral Projection and more

We are all intuitive and each one has had experiences with our intuition. However, often we have no idea what our “Intuitive Channels” are, how to tap into them whenever we need to, and how to use them productively in our everyday life. We have many Intuitive abilities, some are more developed than others. Each of us is different. Learn what your channels are and what is the difference between an Empath, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient. Tap into Psychometry and Astral Projection.

This class will be covering the discovery of your intuitive abilities, understanding our energetic bodies, chakras, and much more. Learn everything you always wanted to know about being psychic but were afraid to ask with Kara Nakfoor, a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Intuitive Development Guide and Oksana Gritsenko, Certified Life Coach, Mind Coach and Empath.
You will have hands-on exercises for:

Class 2. Clairaudience, Channeling, Connecting with Spirit Guides and Intuitive Writing

Everyone can connect to their Spirit Guides.
In this class you will learn a few ways you can do it yourself through Clairaudience (hearing with the “inner ear”), Channeling and Intuitive Writing, practicing with Barret Hedeen, an Intuitive, Author and Healer, that has been channeling and connecting with his Spirit Guides and has written a book about it.
You will have hands-on exercises for:
You will also learn which natural stones and crystals can help you with your Intuitive Communication with Oksana Gritsenko, Certified Life Coach, Mind Coach and Empath.

Class 3. Empathic Abilities and Telepathy.

In this class you will learn what Empathic abilities are and how to differentiate between your own energy, thoughts, emotions and physical conditions, and those you pick-up or channel from others; embracing your Sensitivity and feeling comfortable with your abilities while using them productively. There are a lot of Empathic people. You could be an Empath and don’t even know it; perhaps thinking you are “just very sensitive”! You will learn how to discover empathic and clairvoyant abilities through Numerology and Empathic abilities test; experience the power of “Empathetic Hugging” and exercises on connecting and “reading” others. Your Guide for this class Oksana Gritsenko, Certified Life Coach, Mind Coach and Empath, will also cover an overview of the Telepathy including hands-on experience through fun exercises.

Class 4. Clairvoyance. Seeing the World Through Your Third Eye.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit and energy from your sixth chakra or "third eye". With your eyes closed you will tune into the esoteric world of spirit where the language is images, pictures and movies of the mind, not words! Set aside what you think you know and tune into the guidance that is available to you from your higher self, spirit guides and angels. Learn the language of clairvoyance and how to interpret what you see with Kara Nakfoor, a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Intuitive Development Guide.
In this class you will have hands-on exercises for:

Class 5. What Color is Your Aura? The Aura Reading Guide

All living things and inanimate objects emit an energy field which is referred to as an aura. Living things have dynamic auras that shift and change corresponding to their circumstances and emotions. Inanimate objects emit a steady or fixed energy field.

Auras are active, intelligent and constantly transmitting and picking up messages. When you walk into a room and are drawn to a certain place to a certain person your aura is reacting to their aura. Most people do not see auras because they do not know how or where to look. In this class you will learn to see, feel and understand auras, and begin to use this knowledge as you prepare for meetings, parties, dates or family gatherings. Your Guide for this class will be Kara Nakfoor, a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Intuitive Development Guide.

Class 6. Intuitive Channels of Cards, Universal Language of Symbols and How to Interpret Serendipitous events

One of an easy to learn and use channels of communicating using you Intuition, receive messages and see beyond the physical is working with various decks of Cards. The images become alive the messages pop-up and the guidance can be quite profound. In this class you will understand the dynamics of Card Reading, have your own experiences reading your own decks of cards (please bring the ones you like), and tune even further into your own Intuitive Channels with Barret Hedeen, an Intuitive, Author and Healer.

Learn to understand the Universal Language of Symbols in your Dreams and waking life that will help you see the deeper meaning beyond mundane events and improve your Card Reading skills with Oksana Gritsenko, Certified Life Coach, Mind Coach and Empath

Class 7. Energetic Protection, Releasing Negative Energy from Your Life and Space. Working with Stones, Crystals and Pendulum.

We live in a fast moving and fast paced world where we encounter all different types of people and energy. Some energy feels very good and we like the experience however we all also encounter the opposite, people, images, words and situations that can be upsetting and cause us to be unhappy. Unhappy energies can get caught up in our bodies and auras and can impact and restrict and inhibit the fun experiences in life. Take a moment and learn some quick ways to transform and release negative energies from your life. Learn how to tell if you have absorbed foreign energy, the importance of clearing and balancing your energy, grounding and filling in with your own energy and more.

Align Your Rational Mind with Your Intuition using a Pendulum. Pendulum usage has been around for centuries it is a method of divination that taps into the subtle energies emitted by people and objects to provide guidance and direction. Learn how to choose a Pendulum and work with using hands-on exercises and demonstrations.

Use Crystals and Stones to clear and transform your Energy. Common reasons for working with crystals are to transform or heal physical and emotional conditions or to change the atmosphere at home or work. Discover how you can connect to the energies of the stones and crystals and use them in your everyday life, work or space.

Your Guides for this class will be Kara Nakfoor, a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Intuitive Development Guide and Oksana Gritsenko, Certified Life Coach, Mind Coach and Empath.

Transformation Services

Look Great, Feel Fabulous!

While our larger group transformation workshop focuses on many aspects of one’s inner self for an entire day and provides educational materials and exercises during that time, individual sessions are usually scheduled as 2 separate sessions, conducted at different times. The initial session consists of meeting the client in-person and having an introductory individual Mind & Life Coaching session, understanding the desires of the client, and particular purpose for the transformation. We then schedule time for shopping for the new outfits on a different day and completing the transformation at a Premium Salon and Spa either the same or different day. We conclude by having a finishing one-on-one session covering main points of the transformation and providing tips and guidance to continue the journey.

Individual Transformation Services are perfect if you have any special needs (such as shopping at a specialty stores to find fitting clothes), or when you have some special occasion or event to attend, or are perhaps undertaking a new venture that requires a complete new wardrobe, or if you simply prefer to experience this process by yourself.

Depending on individual situations and needs we provide you with an estimate for the Individual Transformation Services. Prices do NOT include any costs for clothes or spa services (responsibility of the customer).

We offer these services to MEN AND WOMEN!

We also provide Transformation Services to SMALL GROUPS of girlfriends, mothers & daughters or colleagues. We offer DISCOUNTS if more than one client is scheduling the services,
Please contact us at [email protected] for more info and estimates.

Check out our Gallery and see some of our wonderful transformations!


Business Ideas & Self-Realization Services
Be the Architect of Your Life!

You know YOU ARE very talented and special in YOUR OWN unique way, RIGHT? Were you able to figure out yet how to put your talents to use in such a way that it gives you Joy, Satisfaction and Abundance?

We all grow up dreaming of becoming ‘someone’. While we are SMALL, we dream BIG. And then… we grow up and we start dreaming small and often give up on our desires. Sometimes the dream remains but it becomes enduring yet not actualized. Often, people are not able to explain to themselves or others why they never manifest their dreams. Well, there are a few things at work here! A few, because we are quite complex beings.

We offer Business Ideas & Self-Realization services that will help you align your potential with your desires and dreams, understand where the limitations and blockages are, and how to overcome them. We also provide you with various ideas for starting or improving your business, or exploring an enjoyable career choice that would be in alignment with your overall being and talents.

This is especially recommended if you have a desire to be a Whole-Functioning, Self-Realized and Happy Owner of YOUR OWN Business!

We look at your state of consciousness, astrological and numerological construct, current skills and talents, and vibrational essence. Employing a unique combination of intuitive, metaphysical, mind coaching and practical analytical skills, our own talents, knowledge and experiences, empathic ability, and our Dharma and Healing Property, we give you practical recommendations on potential business venues for self-realization.

This service is estimated on an individual basis of existing factors and desired outcomes. Please call or email us to get your estimate. For initial FREE 30-min consultation call or email us at [email protected]

Astrological Analysis

Are you aware of your potential?
Would you like to know what your hidden talents are?
Curious why certain situations and challenges come up in your life over and over again?
Do you know what your Karma is?
Interested in finding out details about harmonious and challenging aspects of your relationships with others, be it your significant other, family member, business partner or any other individual?

Our Personal Astrological Portrait and Relationship Profile services will help you answer these questions! We will focus on the aspects you are interested in and help you discover your unique planetary narrative.



“Know your True Self” Program

I took this program remotely from India through Skype. To me, the distance did not matter, as I still gained so much through this program.

Here is what I gained and what this program will give:
  • I received clarity in terms of what I was doing with life and what I really wanted to be doing with life and the push needed to pursue that. This has been the most important thing for me!
  • The program also helped me face my fears in my day to day life than running away from them and pretending they did not exist. It does not mean I will decide to jump off a cliff and hope nothing happens, it means that I know I will not worry about failing when I intend to start something, I am now able to continue my pursuits irrespective of that.
  • There is a much greater degree of acceptance in terms of who I am and how I see myself, my relationships have become far more harmonious because of the changes within.
  • The way I value my Self and the way people value me have greatly increased, this does not come from a fake affirmation but from a much deeper level where you truly recognize and value your Self. Learning that has been priceless for me!
  • The focus is entirely on the person to learn things that would help them be Self-aware and independent, leading a whole functioning life.
Here is what the program is not and will not give:
  • This program will not create a sense of dependency. It will give you the tools for progressing, teach you the means, at the same time you will not be stuck with the program and become dependent on it.
  • It is not a magic pill. A person will need to put in the effort and the results will be there right in front of the eyes, enlightenment in one day? I don’t think so, at least I did not receive it.
  • There won’t be rigidity in terms of how long you stick with the program, though it is highly recommended especially after experiencing the benefits of completing it. The program as such does not demand you to stick for any length of time.
  • The lessons learnt in the classes are of great value, yet it would require effort from the person without which nothing much changes.
  • There is no focus on learning grand things with little practical applications, what you learn is finding the treasure house that we each are.

Overall I would highly recommend this program! I knew that the changes in me are so beautiful, it took away the old unproductive pattern of thinking and replaced it with thoughts that greatly aid the expansion of consciousness. Last but not the least, Oksana will focus on ensuring you clearly gain what you set the intention on receiving, there won’t be false promises, of that I am sure!

Love and light to everyone!

Aravind Raghunathan, IT Professional. Mysore, India

I had the joy of giving birth to my second born. I brought my son home from the hospital and remember not feeling the same ever… well, not in a good way.

I spent my maternity leave sick to the core and since then I had never felt healthy. Then came the time when I started scheduling appointments with doctors who would refer me to specialists. This was difficult for me as I don’t usually go and see the doctor and now I was only visiting physicians.

Two years passed and kept on working and fulfilled my responsibilities with children but never felt healthy. It reached a point where the big C word was dropped and this possibility was actually now a reality.

All along I have been talking to Oksana and in the beginning even challenged her by asking her questions on her concepts. In my heart I always knew she was right!! You see Oksana has this intuitive ability and intelligence to read and perceive situations and connect to the inner being and guide the troubled soul to resolve to life changing patterns for betterment. She stood by me and called me day and night just to make sure that I was ok as I went in for my tests. This was her level of commitment to me.

She brought back peace to me and it’s only because of her I am leading a happier life. Anyone would be fortunate to just to come into contact with this gentle soul that I have found in Oksana and being coached by this highly evolved being is just pure blessing.

PT, 35. IT Professional. Chicago, IL

Undergoing the transformational process with Oksana and her team was an amazing experience. I felt deeply understood and guided in how to bring out the inner qualities that I want to more freely express. Oksana's keen eye and patience were given with such genuine warmth!

I hardly even needed to verbalize what I wanted -- she knew exactly what I needed and wanted! It truly felt like a collaborative experience, with her holding regard for my vision and comfort level, while at the same time stretching me and blending my ideal with hers.

The result -- astounding! I feel so much more empowered and validated for who I am, and know that the rest of the world sees this as well.

Linda Kleyman, 27, Holistic Healer. Northbrook, IL.

I always knew there was "more". Oksana showed me how and where to find it! I can truly say my life has been transformed through my association with this wonderful woman. This transformation is apparent not only to me, but to those who know me best. The journey to my inner Self has been one of joyous discovery. Oksana has empowered me, shown me the path to re-claiming my birthright of love, confidence, independence, self-respect and joy of living.

There is no judgment; only true giving from her heart and soul. My gratitude to Oksana is great. I now look towards my Self to manifest my desires, learning from her guidance and love. Finding my real beauty has been amazing!

Thank you, Oksana, for opening the door and showing me the way!

Patricia Ortiz, 65. Retiree, Student and Beginning Business Owner. Palatine, IL

My transformation was a once in a lifetime event! Thanks to a Life & Mind Coach and a friend, Oksana, for inviting me to be a participant in her new program. Her vision created this transformation and opened me up from the inside.

We had a shopping day where Solful Gifts Team helped me find outfits for my new look. The experience was fun. You don’t get the privilege of 3 skilled and talented people dressing you up very often.

It was a challenge to accept myself in a new light. When you are used to your kind of clothing and style it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and do something different (even when the professionals say you look great in it). It’s hard to shut down that inner voice telling you “You should look very modest. You are not that young anymore. You cannot look sexy..” You know what, dear Ladies?… It’s all BS.
I never use that kind of language, but right now…, I’m talking more to myself than you.

We can feel wonderful at any age and always look beautiful. We should bring our best both inside and out. Then, if we look our best, we feel our best and enjoy life even more.

When you feel and look great you will attract the exact people you want in your life. Your career will improve. And most important you’ll love yourself. Of course, most of us need a mental transformation to be part of this. And that was a key part, to have a shift in thinking, seeing the self and allowing the self to be more who I truly AM.

I had a blast! I felt really energized during this transformation process – the energy seemed to be coming from nowhere!

I love the way I look! I feel great! That’s what happens, when you like how you look and do what you like!

Rita Bord, 51, Holistic Health Coach. Wheeling, IL

Oksana made me feel comfortable, and I was able to speak openly about the issues I had without being judged. She showed compassion and common sense in helping me facing my issues and overcoming them. I see the difference between then and now. Now I choose how I react. I choose to avoid emotionally charged reactions in many situations. Over time I see how much progress I have already made.

AA, 39. HR Professional. Toronto, Canada.

In today’s world, information is readily available & sometimes too much of information is available. We spend time trying to cleanse through the information and to make some sense out of it. What is missing to large degree however is wisdom. This is why people who can offer us that wisdom become so valuable. In that context it becomes important to know what wisdom is. Wisdom is information that is presented in a manner where we receive completely its essence and not just its outer context. This is what Oksana offered whole heartedly and something I was very happy to receive.

Respect for the Self:
One of the most beautiful learning I received from Oksana was ‘Respect for the Self’. Often times, in our attempts to be an ideal self, we push us to a point where all we see in us is qualities that we do not like and our judgments of it. This has more negative impact on our health & wellbeing than the actual qualities themselves. The constant hate & punishment we put ourselves to make us oblivious to all the beautiful happenings around us. We let life simply pass being in our own world. We forget our inherent beauty.

To overcome this was a big lesson for me and Oksana taught me that. Oksana helped me realize and understand how beautiful the Self is.

The Pitcher of faith:
All of us at one point of time or another put ourselves through the maze of doubts. Even though the entire world may believe in our abilities and prowess if we do not believe in it, very little can be achieved. Confidence & Trust in ourselves help us overcome this maze of doubts. Through my interactions and coaching with Oksana, I realized that there is nothing that cannot be achieved however incredulous it may seem. I also learnt that the world’s view of our abilities have nothing to do with our needs & wants. Each of us have a beautiful life to lead & that every single one of us is empowered to do so.

Confidence & Faith is like a Pitcher, one single hole in it in the form of doubt will drain anything that it is capable of holding.

Aravind Raghunathan, 27. IT Manager. Mysore, India