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A story of True Empowerment and Transformation!

This was a wonderful and powerful transformation of a woman beautiful inside and out. Rita is someone with a huge potential, kindness, big heart and open mind. She is a Holistic Health Coach helping others, and someone constantly pursuing self-improvement. This transformation was not only an incredible shift for Rita but a lot of fun and pleasure for the Solful Gifts crew. We wanted to share how, when you are ready, shifts and transformations can happen within a matter of days!

Pre-transformation analysis

Rita has a strong desire to help people, to share her light, knowledge and experience for the betterment of the world. She is very receptive and calm. There was a definite inner urge to do and accomplish more however, Rita felt some hesitation.
There was an opportunity to energize certain chakras and balance out male and female energy.
Rita’s choice of physical appearance was aligned to her inner state of wanting to be more in the background than at the forefront, not feeling powerful and confident and not realizing just how much potential and beauty she possesses. The choice of colors consisted of more dull, earthy tones. The choice of most of her clothes was not flattering her beautiful body. Rita didn’t use any make-up.


After analysis of various factors, the goal of the transformation was to bring the inner urge out, empower Rita using the new look and bring the male, active energy out. We chose powerful looks for her clothes that were very figure flattering, saturated colors that were aligned with her root chakra (red) that is also a color of strong physical manifestation associated with predominant male energy. Her new very sharp and sassy haircut and make-up, bringing the focus to her beautiful eyes, accented Rita’s unique features and definitely made her stand out. There was no hiding anymore. Immediately Rita started to act differently- more confident, feeling more energized, and empowered. Here is what she had to say about it:

“My transformation was a once in a lifetime event! Thanks to Life & Mind Coach and friend, Oksana, for inviting me to be a participant in her new program. Her vision created this transformation and opened me up from the inside.

We had a shopping day where Solful Gifts Team helped me find outfits for my new look. The experience was fun. You don’t get the privilege of 3 skilled and talented people dressing you up very often.

It was a challenge to accept myself in a new light. When you are used to your kind of clothing and style it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and do something different (even when the professionals say you look great in it). It’s hard to shut up that inner voice telling you “You should look very modest. You are not that young anymore. You cannot look sexy..” You know what, dear Ladies?… It’s all BS. I never use that kind of language, but right now…, I’m talking more to myself than you. We can feel wonderful at any age and always look beautiful. We should bring our best both inside and out. Then, if we look our best, we feel our best and enjoy life even more.

When you feel and look great, you will attract the exact people you want in your life. Your career will improve. And most importantly you’ll love yourself. Of course, most of us need a mental transformation to be part of this. And that was a key part, to have a shift in thinking, seeing the self and allowing the self to be more who I truly AM.

I had a blast! I felt really energized during this transformation process – the energy seemed to be coming from nowhere!

I love the way I look! I feel great! That’s what happens, when you like how you look and do what you like!”

We believe that this success of immediate change that we monitored sometime after and it continued, was largely due to Rita’s readiness to change, desire to transform, open the mind and be receptive to accept something new, and embrace all the aspects in herself.


Embracing the Art of Joyful Living.

Another wonderful transformation! Each time the transformation process is very unique and each woman is very different- like a new Universe! Everyone’s story is incredible. We wanted to share with you just a few to illustrate how powerful this process can be for a woman and how it can bring a sense of empowerment, happiness and joy to your life!

Linda is a beautiful young woman who has been undergoing quite a few inner transformations in the past year. She is an Energy Healer in training. This transformation became a sort of frosting on a cake, helping Linda manifest in the physical appearance everything that was happening inside. We enjoyed so much bringing that inner joy, beauty, and femininity out.

Pre-transformation analysis

Linda has been working to get in touch with her femininity, female energy and her healing capacity. She was in a state of mind of receptivity, desire to bring out what’s inside and have her look reflect what she has been feeling.

There was a definite harmony with the female energy that was asking to be reflected through her physical appearance.

Linda has beautiful features and a great body. There is innocence and sexiness that coexist in her that we wanted to bring out. She didn’t need any drastic changes, but rather subtle ones that would create a big impact.


We have picked a variety of looks for Linda- professional, evening, casual. We also selected a few base items that combined together gave her a huge selection of looks mixing and matching all the items. From a classy sexy evening look in the adorable polka-dot dress with the right amount of color, to casual yet professional look in a versatile gray dress, Linda looked incredible. She seemed to be enjoying her new haircut with very naturally looking highlights that created a beautiful frame for her face, and a very natural looking make-up that created a stunning effect of bringing her beautiful soft features out in a very tasteful and feminine way.

Here is what Linda had to say about her experience:

“Undergoing the transformational process with Oksana and her team was an amazing experience. I felt deeply understood and guided in how to bring out the inner qualities that I want to more freely express. Oksana's keen eye and patience were given with such genuine warmth! I hardly even needed to verbalize what I wanted -- she knew exactly what I needed and wanted! It truly felt like a collaborative experience, with her holding regard for my vision and comfort level, while at the same time stretching me and blending my ideal with hers. The result -- astounding! I feel so much more empowered and validated for who I am, and know that the rest of the world sees this as well.”

Sometimes we don’t need a major change, it could be something very subtle but that will create a huge difference in how we look and especially how we feel. We LOVE helping women express how they feel, get in touch with who they are, and see their beauty reflected inside out!

COLLABORATION: Kandy & Friends

A Young Girl with a BIG Dream!

Kandy & Fiends is a non-for-profit organization that was founded in September 2011. One day, around Christmas time, a young, 19 years old girl, Isabel Montoya, was thinking about the warmth of Christmas and all the wonderful and joyful traditions we are all accustomed to around Christmas time. She thought about all the children who wouldn't have a warm family to share this wonderful holiday. She realized there were more than just children who were in need. There were animals that suffered during catastrophic events or simply abandoned by their owners, they were often neglected and forgotten. Animals have no voice. Both of these thoughts really tugged at her heart, but she knew that wasn't all there was. There were people who have lost everything, had no roof above their heads, lost their families and had no motivation to live. People that, no matter how hard they worked or how many hours they put in, couldn't afford a warm place and meal.

While all these things were happening in the world, Isabel felt very blessed to have a warm and welding family, a loving home, plenty of food, and a home full of happy animals. She didn’t feel content to have the life she did while knowing how others are suffering…

This bright young soul has decided to do something about the issues that everyone knows about but does very little, putting it off and probably hoping someone else will take care of it. She suddenly realized she was that someone and that she could do something!

And with that, Isabel has decided to make a difference, taking one step at-a-time, and to start bringing awareness to others.

Isabel has founded a non-for-profit organization Kandy & Friends, which actively helps children, animals and adults in need through various kinds of contributions. From organizing Christmas gifts fundraisers for orphans, to volunteering at soup kitchens, Isabel started to work on events that felt true to her heart.

She has a 30-year plan to build and expand her company internationally. And at this point she is inviting her community to work with her and support her initiatives.

Kandy is her 13 year old German Sheppard that loves children. She brought lots of happiness into Isabel’s life and became an inspiration to bring that happiness to others, whether people or animals.

The mission of Kandy & Friends and Isabel’s personal life goal is to bring faith, education, and equality to the world around.

Currently, Kandy & Friends is working with Lydia Home Association in Chicago to help orphaned children with their immediate needs, as well as with Inspiration Café in Chicago, helping homeless people with food. There are many wonderful projects already completed and many more lined up.

We invite you to join us in supporting those in need through a wonderful company lead by this young and bright soul!

Find out more at www.kandyandfriends.org and follow them on Facebook.

Helping Others makes Us Happy!

Our latest initiatives...

We have been thinking about how many wonderful, driven, open-minded and kind-hearted people we have met throughout our lives. And many of them have a very similar desire and purpose in life to serve others, to help humanity for the betterment of the world. Some do it through healing, others through education and inspirational efforts; some are passionate about environment, others about people and animals in need. Regardless of the individual passions and efforts, these people are all passionate to leave this world a better place they found, to help souls in need, to bring light, joy and love everywhere they go.

That thought has stimulated us to establish a non-for-profit networking group called Bright Minds Collaboration. It’s a project with a vision of becoming virtual and international at some point. We have started with the local community of individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate and stay engaged and educated about current projects and initiatives happening in NW Chicago and beyond, initiate new projects, collaborate with each other, help and support each other and simply meet new friends.

We meet once a month (and welcome new friends!), learn about new projects, share our visions, offer help and support to each other and get inspired.

We feel that service, in whatever form is given from an open and loving heart, is the most satisfying and beautiful expression of the Self that leads to self-realization, self-discovery and alignment with True Self.

If you are interested in our initiative, please contact us at (847)924-5708 (call or text), and we will be happy to share with you the details about our next meeting (by invitation only).