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Solful Gifts, Inc.

“Once upon a time there lived two sisters. They led their separate lives without much understanding and appreciation of each other or any deep connection. Then eventually, not without some work, cosmic guidance, and sub-conscious desires, that all changed. The two sisters started to connect, realizing how much they love and appreciate each other, and how truly deep their understanding of each other was once they opened their hearts…”

This is not really a fairy-tale, although it may appear that way! The two sisters, Oksana and Lucy, have experienced amazing transformations in their relationships over the course of one wonderful year. And they decided that they would like to work together on a common goal: co-creating, helping people and transforming the world, one person at a time.

“Solful Gifts is an extension of our vision and purpose of fulfillment and wholesomeness for all people.

We wanted to create a company with mind substance, based on our passion and deep beliefs. It’s a kind of business that we would enjoy even if we were not paid- a dream come true!

Our name, Solful Gifts, has a few meanings. It indicates the warmth, love, light and brightness that the sun (“sol” in Spanish) represents. It also sounds like “SOULful” - we are putting our souls into our enterprise, and aligning this work with our Dharma and Life’s Purpose. In addition, S-O-L stands for Sisters-Oksana-Lucy.

Our logo, a sunflower with a heart at the core, is the symbol of our love for people, the light we want to follow and bring with our services, and the warmth of personal care with which we approach everything we do.

Our company offers a variety of integrative services created to guide individuals toward personal transformation and self-actualization on multiple levels. Our mission is to help others discover happiness and Embrace the Art of Joyful Living. Aligned with the goal of serving individuals, is our goal of helping transform this World… Because we believe that what this World really needs are more people embracing their true selves – HAPPY PEOPLE. “

Oksana Gritsenko, CLC

Reflecting her versatile and curious nature, Oksana’s formal education consists of degrees in Fine Arts and in Business Economics. Furthermore, she has been studying various aspects of Metaphysics for over a decade. Those areas of study and expertise include: conscious and sub-conscious mind, Universal Laws, creation and manifestation of reality, mind’s effect on health and reasons for dis-eases, dream interpretation, working with energy, concentration, meditation, techniques of visualization, thought projection, and many more. In addition, she is an avid technologist and analyst, having had a successful career in the Information Technology sector prior to becoming a certified Life Coach and Spiritual Guide (CLC) and a Mind Coach.

She has always been driven to help others with attaining their full potential, actualizing dreams, and becoming balanced and happy. Her Dharma is that of Serendipity, which, in a nutshell, means that Oksana often finds herself in such circumstances where she can successfully assist people with attaining personal awakening and leads them toward realizing their potential. Hand in hand with her Dharma exists her ability to recognize talents and gifts in others, which she uses purposefully as part of her service to people.

She draws personal inspiration from working with people and watching them progress and succeed while getting in touch with their inner selves and achieving happiness. She has a joyful, optimistic and constructive mindset. Oksana has a unique and consciously developed ability of clarity of mind as well as keen intuition which allow her to see and perceive connections between people, events and more intangible phenomena on multiple levels and understand how they fit together on a more global scale.

Oksana is the founder, CEO and the President of Joyfulness at Solful Gifts, Inc. Her biggest desire and life’s purpose is to help thousands of people to become whole-functioning, self-realized and happy.

Lucy Gritsenko

Lucy’s formal education consists of a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Much like Oksana, she is an experienced technologist with a successful career in the corporate world. She is a lover of ideas and concepts spanning a wide range of areas, applying her broad theoretic knowledge in the physical world.

Lucy’s Dharma is that of Beauty and Symmetry. She is able to recognize and reconcile the dual in the Whole, thus resolving conflicts and struggles – be they rooted in ideology or reality, bringing peace and balance into her environment. She sees beauty in all people, objects, and events, and it is recognition of this order that inspires her to create and to communicate it to others, helping them acknowledge and appreciate beauty within themselves and the world around. Lucy’s love for symbolism implicit in everything around has led her to pursue exploration of such fields as Astrology.

Sharing the goal of helping others unleash their full potential and having just the right balance of common and complimentary traits with Oksana, Lucy happily joined in the founding of Solful Gifts, Inc.

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